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Update on Security

Dear Eagle Pointe, Your board of directors met last Thursday to discuss several things, with security as a priority. As many of you know, we cannot sustain the operation of certain gates, with gates 2 and 5 being the most problematic. We will be working our security service, MSI, to determine if we can find enough good parts between the two gates to make one work. In order to maintain the priorities of convenience vs. security, we naturally deferred to security. In the interim, gates 2 and 5 will be closed in both directions effective Tuesday January 25th. at noon. Traffic will be directed to Gate 1. Detour signage and barricades will be in place soon.. We have all lived with traffic interruptions and detours during recent road construction. This detour is not optimal, but manageable by all for a time. We cannot predict the duration of the outage at this time; however, we are not standing still. The board also recognized a security subcommittee. There will be five people on that team, who committed to final recommendations for the community by the end of February 2022.

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