• Susan Slaven

Golf Course Updates- 04/28/2020

Hi everyone, We hope all of you are getting through these unprecedented times. Please continue to take all necessary steps to stay healthy. Over the past six weeks we have had to adjust our normal to meet the necessary protocols outlined by the State and local authorities. Steps that have been taken are as follows:
  • Substantially reduced hours of carry-out only food and beverage opportunities. We are currently open Wednesday through Sunday

  • Clubhouse closed

  • Protocols for the golf course:

  • One person per golf car except for immediate families

  • Sterilization of golf cars before and after use

  • Cups raised so that golf balls do not go in the hole therefore, no one touching the flagstick. We hope to change the cup situation soon

  • Larger intervals between tee times to encourage social distancing

  • Substantial reduction in labor especially hourly employees

  • Minimal staff for golf course maintenance, too

  • Practice Range is NOW open

  • We have picked up ten additional golf cars to assist with the one person per golf car requirement

What about the next steps? Obviously at this point we do not know when businesses will be re-opening and what steps will be required to re-opening. We are certain that social distancing will be an ongoing mandate. Once we have a defined direction from the State and local authorities, we will be sending a communication to everyone. That could perhaps include at some point the re-opening of the clubhouse, the golf shop re-opening, and our new snack bar as part of the golf shop opening. The golf course has been maintained at a dramatically reduced staff. We are now in the process of starting to build our staff in preparation for a re-opening. We hope to have a full staff in the next week or two. At this juncture our attention has simply been to keep as much of the golf course mowed until we are back to our anticipated revenue levels. Sahm’s Restaurant Group

  • We do not have any timing on the start of the Sahm’s Smoke House Restaurant. It could be this Fall or it could be early 2021. We will keep you posted. In the interim we will continue to work closely with Matt Englert and Rachel Barrow to provide a quality food and beverage experience, especially if/when we re-open. In the meantime, please support the Club’s carry-out option. Thank you.

Clubhouse/Veranda Concert Series

  • We will keep you posted once we have a more defined future

Swimming Pool

  • We are working with local authorities to see when we would be able to open the Clubhouse swimming pool. We do not have a timeline at this point. A July 1 opening would be our desire

Thank you for your support as we have tried to provide a positive experience with very limited staff. Please be safe. We look forward to communicating with all of you soon. Cohoat and O’Neal Management Corp.

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