• Susan Slaven

2019 Gate Arm Policy

Gate Arm Policy- Established July 23, 2019

Pointe Services Association

It is the policy of the Pointe Services Association (PSA) to charge a $250 fee when a resident or nonresident breaks or damages a gate arm not due to a malfunction of the gate. This also applies to when a resident allows a guest to tailgate through a gate without proper notification of the guard shack and a gate arm is broken or damaged. The manner in which the gate arm is broken or damaged will not be limited to motorized or non-motorized vehicles. When a gate arm is broken or damaged, it should immediately be reported to security at the main entrance guard shack. If the incident is not reported to security, PSA may use security cameras to identify the individual or individuals responsible for breaking or damaging the gate arm. If the individual or individuals are identified, they will be responsible for paying the $250 fee. The charge for the breakage or damage to the gate can be paid via check or money order. Eagle Pointe residents can choose to be billed through PSA’s management company Tempo. In no instances will the fee be waived if the breakage or damage is not due to a malfunction of the gate.  

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