17 Beautiful Locations Nestled Near Fabulous Lake Monroe.


Our Villages.

Surrounding the golf course are a series of gated villages. These villages, each with its own governing structure, range from single family homes nestled deep in the woods, to multi-family condominiums perched high on the slopes of Lake Monroe.

While the PSA is responsible for Security and common road repair and maintenance, your individual village HOA manages all issues related to your home.

Below is a short introduction and a direct link to each of the villages website page.

Villages with Single Family Homes: Harbour Pointe Estates, Front Nine, Fairway Knoll, and Pointe Cove.

Villages with Condominiums: Bay View, Bay Pointe, The Courtyard, Eagle Bay 1 & 2, Eagle Cove, East Bay, Greenridge, Lasalles Woods, Pointe Retreats, Water's Edge I & II, and Woodridge.

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    The Courtyard

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    East Bay

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    Fairway Knoll

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    Harbour Pointe

    • Harbour Pointe Website

    • Harbour Pointe Handbook

    • 30th Amended Declaration of Expandable Condominium for Harbour Pointe Phase I Section I

    • Harbour Pointe By-Laws

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    Pointe Retreats

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    Water's Edge II

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Our Process

PSA maintains and improves the facilities owned and services provided by the corporation under the guidance of an elected Board of Directors. The PSA Board of Directors is elected by the members from nominees provided by each village. The PSA Board of Directors and the Executive Committee meet quarterly (Jan/April/July/Oct) on the third Saturday of these months. The annual meeting is held the third Saturday of April.

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