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Please complete the information below to request replacement or additional windshield-mounted security access RFID stickers or rearview mirror RFID hang tags.  Please know that each unit will receive 2 RFID stickers during the initial launch at no charge.  You may purchase up to 4 additional for a maximum of 6 per unit.  The additional 4 may be any combination of stickers/hang tags.  Please note that security comes first, not convenience.  

  • If this request is for additional stickers/hang tags and your residence has already been issued the maximum number of RFID stickers and hang tags, this request will be rejected.  There is a maximum of six RFID stickers or hang tags per residence.

  • If this request is for replacement stickers/hang tags and your residence  has already been issued the maximum number of stickers/hang tags, 

    • Previously issued stickers/hang tags will be deleted from the system, become deactivated, and will no longer allow entry through the Eagle Pointe security access points.  

    • If this is for replacement, please note on this form the sticker/hang tag number(s) that are no longer working/lost and need to be replaced.  

If you do not know that sticker or hang tag number(s), please make sure to note what working sticker/hang tag numbers you have so those will not be deactivated.

RFID STICKER request is for:

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HANG TAG request is for:

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Return this form by screenshot to the PSA Security Admin:  If necessary, this form can be returned by mail to Eagle Pointe Realty, 2505 Pointe Cove Rd., Bloomington, IN 47401.  Upon receipt of this form, the PSA unit account will be charged and only upon payment will the request be processed.

Residents requiring more than 6 stickers or hang tags can petition the PSA Board for approval.



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