Pointe Service Association
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The Pointe Entrance


The Eagle Pointe Golf Resort is located in the rolling hills of southern Indiana above Lake Monroe, Indiana's largest lake.  Surrounding the golf course are a series of gated villages.  These villages, each with its own governing structure, range from single family homes nestled deep in the woods, to multi-family condominiums perched high on the slopes of Lake Monroe.

To protect and serve these villages, the Pointe Service Association, Inc. (PSA) was created in 1974.  PSA owns and maintains the roads connecting the villages, the gate houses and security systems protecting the villages, and contracts for a captive cable television system serving the villages.


PSA maintains and improves the facilities owned and services provided by the corporation under the guidance of an elected Board of Directors.


Village Sign Replacement:

The Main Eagle Pointe village sign was replace with cedar wood and post with polyurathan sealer and polypaint (2-coats). New village signs we installed, made by Johnny’s Signs with some errors in village spelling. One of the village names was misspelled on the old sign (Harbour Pointe), and 3-additional names were misspelled.

“H-a-r-b-o-r Pointe” should be “H-a-r-b-o-u-r Pointe”

“Pointe R-e-t-r-e-a-t” should be “Pointe R-e-t-r-e-a-t-s”

“Fairway K-n-o-l-l-s” should be “Fairway K-n-o-l-l” no “s” no the end

“W-o-o-d-b-r-i-d-g-e” should be “W-o-o-d-r-i-d-g-e” mo “b” in name

**Johnny’s Signs has been contacted for new signs to replace misspelled ones…

***Also PSA is looking to replace “Gate closes after every vehicle” signs and adding “No Treaspassing” to these signs to remove “no Treasassing” signs off the gates. Also adding “Gate closes after every vehicle” beside the exit gates as well.

****PSA is also looking to update and replace the visitor pointer signs to be easily seen from the road at Gate #5 and higher visible visitor pointer signs along East Pointe road and Strainridge road. This should help at gate #5 for xisitor to go to the main security gate. Hope to have final approval of signs by next PSA executive meeting/






PSA maintains and improves the facilities owned and services provided by the corporation under the guidance of an elected Board of Directors. The PSA Board of Directors is elected by the members from nominees provided by each village.
 Donna Stroup  President  donnastroup@gmail.com  9156 S Greenridge Ln  812-345-2837
 Bob Schippnick  Vice President  rschippnick@hotmail.com  9918 S St Andrews Ln  812-327-7733
 Robert Hall  Treasurer  roberthall22@gmail.com  2825 Pointe Cove Rd  812-824-2762
 Susan Slaven  Secretary  sslaven@homefinder.org  2250 E Pointe Rd  812-824-4700
 Bob Holt  Past President  holtcold@gmail.com  9114 Front Nine Dr  c:812-327-2487
 Vacant  Exec Comm  Vacant  Vacant  Vacant
 George Hopstetter  Exec Comm  ghopstetter@yahoo.com  4104 Eagle Bay Dr  937-478-9359
 George Malacinski  BoD At Large  malacins@indiana.edu  8802 Morrison Ct  812-824-2994
 Jeff Green  Bay Pointe  baypointepropertymanager@gmail.com  1892 E Bay Pointe Dr  812-327-0316
 Lillian Casillas-Origel  Bay View  mlcasill@indiana.edu  9467 S Pointe Retreat Dr  812-340-1940
 James Bottorff  Court Yard  landlord@juno.com  9423 S. LaSalles Drive  219-617-8902
 John Lawrence  Eagle Bay 1  Jlawrencpa@nwcable.net  4041 Eagle Bay Drive  217-824-8791
 Mark Kinser  Eagle Bay 2  egbii@hotmail.com  1830 Eagle Bay Dr.  812-824-1281
 Stan Wilson  Eagle Cove  swilson@firstappraisalgroup.com  9602 Bay Pointe Crt.  812-345-1896
 Jeff Schultz  East Bay  jefschul@indiana.edu  9015 S. Pointe Ridge LN.  812-249-8744
 Ken Surface  Fairway Knoll  kensurface@bluemarble.net  9950 Augusta Drive  812-824-7373
 Jeffrey Born  Front Nine  jbmarkets@aol.com  9131 Front Nine Dr  812-824-9131
 Donna Stroup  Greenridge  donnastroup@gmail.com  9156 S Greenridge Ln  812-345-2837
 Paul Williams  Harbour Pointe  paulandgale@gmail.com  9715 S Harbour Pointe Dr  812-824-6659
 John Bernstein  Lasalle Woods  jbernstein48@yahoo.com  9484 S. Pointe LaSalles  812-219-0650
 Robert Hall  Pointe Cove  roberthall22@gmail.com  2825 Pointe Cove Rd  812-824-2762
 April Everroad  Pointe Retreat  richardsapril@aol.com    540-735-5855
 Richard Menke  Waters Edge 1  menker46@gmail.com  2024 E Waters Edge Dr  812-824-2007
 Carol Damon  Waters Edge 2  cdamon@homefinder.org  9590 S. Lake Ridge Dr.  812-360-1828
 Mary Alice Manley  Woodridge  maryalicejohnson13@yahoo.com  9050 S. Pointe Ridge Ln.  812-545-3653
An Executive Committee was elected consisting of:
Donna Stroup, President
Bob Schippnick, Vice President
Susan Slaven, Secretary
Robert Hall, Treasurer
Bob Holt, Past President
Vacant, Exec Comm
George Hopstetter, Exec Comm


PSA contracts with Hinds Security for round-the-clock security for the villages at The Pointe.  For security issues, contact Pointe Security at the number below.  In case of emergency, the Monroe County Sheriff or Indiana State Police may be contacted at the following numbers:
Pointe Security 824-8940
Monroe County Sheriff 911
Ambulance 911
Indiana State Police 332-4411


PSA contracts with Community Association Services of Indiana (CASI) to provide financial management assistance to the corporation.  They accept, process and account for homeowner fees and assessments, and may be contacted as follows:


Please send your PSA fees to the following address:  
Pointe Service Association, Inc.
c/o Community Association Services of Indiana
11711 North College Avenue, Suite 100
Carmel, Indiana 46032

(please note your Village and unit number on the check)  


Website: www.cas-indiana.com
Phone Toll Free: 1-877-875-5600


You may have your fees automatically paid from your checking account using the ACH system. The following link will allow you to print out a form, with instructions, to begin the ACH service:
ACH Service Form